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  • Viper tactical insole
Viper tactical insole

Viper tactical insole

  • Categories: Shoes Accessoires
  • Model:WTP 71-1004
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  • Update Time:12-20-2018
  • Product description:Viper tactical insole
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Viper Tactical Insole

Patent Material POLIYOU

The Material Of POLIYOU Is Superior Or Than Traditional PU Due To Its Breakthrough In Foaming Process.

It Is Of Greater Physical Quality And More Stable Chemical Property;It Has The Following Structural Advantages:

1) Open Cell Structure Which Achieves 95% Ventilating Effectiveness.

2) Superior Moisture Absorbing Ability Than Similar Material;more over,the structure maximizes the drying ability.

3) Elimination Of Growing Environment For Molds Of Athlete Foot Which Provides a More Comfortable Wearing Feeling.

4) Owing To Hardness Difference,The Material Loss In Thickness For POLIYOU Is 14-25% In Comparison To 35%-54% For Polyethylene Foam.

5) Conditions During Shaping For POLIYOU Material Is Unique,Which,After Shaped,Is Hard To Transform Subjict To External Forces.

6) Unique Absorption Of Ammonia Excellent Anti-fungus,Anti-bacteria Abilities That Greatly Incresaes De-ordering Capability.

7) Various Hardness Can Be Achieved To Meet Customer Requirements Which Is Impossible For Traditional pu Foams.

8) Stability: Excellent Stability To Heat;No Property 250oC,Good For Long-term Storage.

9) Process Ability:Easy To Be Processed Done,Or With Other Material